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Dr. Sahand Zomorrodian DMD, MS


Dentist in Arlington Heights Dr. Zomorrodian is a graduate of Tufts University with a doctorate in dental medicine (DMD). After acquiring his doctorate he complete three additional years of advanced training in Prosthodontics at the University of Illinois at Chicago. During his residency in Chicago he also completed second Masters with a research focus in dental implants. Dr. Zomorrodian has received the highest level education in dentistry and is pleased that he can offer his patients the very best treatment available in dentistry today.

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Florcy Lambos


Administrative Assistant

Arlington Heights Dentist Florcy has been with the practice for over 8 years and brings a wealth of information to the office. She is an oral health and nutritional educator, certified in local anesthesia and nitrous oxide, involved in all aspects of non-surgical periodontal therapy, and certified in laser therapy. Currently studying nuclear medicine, Florcy is constantly improving her knowledge and helps patients understand more about their oral health and overall health. With a passion for science and an even deeper passion for using that science to improve patients, Florcy is truly a huge asset to the practice. In her words, the most important thing to her, is: the bond and the trust that I have developed over the years with my patients. “ In her free time Florcy likes to read, watch movies and follow sports.

Kira Sapozhnikov

Main Assistant

Dentist in Arlington Heights Kira has been with the office for over 14 years and has become a trusted face in the office. Her passion for education, and search for the truth has lead her to be extremely knowledgeable in, not only dentistry, but also nutrition. She has well over 200 hours of continuing education and is certified in sealants, polishing techniques, and is an expert in bleaching and whitening techniques. Kira not only has the ability to give patients the information they need but she also has the ability to make sure that they feel comfortable and at ease with the care they are receiving . For almost 15 years Kira has been helping patients feel like the dental office is not such as scary place and patients love her for it. In her free time, Kira practices what she preaches by focusing on nutrition and fitness. She loves the outdoors and enjoys camping, boating and going to the beach.

Wendy Parker

Arlington Heights Dentist Wendy is truly a loving person and she brings joy into the office with her. Wendy started her career as a dental assistant and became enamored with the idea of improving a person’s confidence by improving their smile. It encouraged her to complete her education at College of Lake County in Grayslake and be come a registered hygienist. Wendy could not be happier in the career path that she choose and it’s obvious by the smiling faces that leave her chair after each appointment. She adores her patients and the unique life experiences that she gains from each person. Wendy is constantly improving her knowledge to give patients the best oral health possible. Outside of the office ,Wendy enjoys running as she states it “has a calming effect and it helps put life in perspective.” Wendy also adores her family and especially her sister who she reefers to as her “life-line” and “eyes in to the world.” It’s this type of compassion that Wendy shares with each and every patient and why so many people are proud to call her their hygienist.

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