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Prosthodontist in Arlington Heights

It all starts with your teeth! When your teeth function well without pain and they look great and give you confidence anything is possible! Take pride in your smile and take pride in yourself.

At Arlington Heights Professional Dental we will help you smile freely and smile often. Dr. Zomorrodian is a Prosthodontist. Prosthondontists are the architects who help rehabilitate and recapture the beauty and function of your teeth. After dental school some dentists will be accepted in advanced programs for three years of further rigorous training in the most challenging of restorative cases. Prosthondontists emerge from training fully equipped to handle a wide array of dental needs.

With proper planning we can provide you with blueprints to excellent health. Our team will work tirelessly with you to achieve the treatment and customized care that you deserve. Ultimately you will be left with a long term feeling of happiness with your oral health. More importantly you'll have restored and renewed faith in your smile. Confidence awaits. Let us help you get there!

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